Reusable crates for candied fruits

Reusable crates for candied fruits
Caja de plastico verde con naranjas cortadas dentro

Our 50% nestable containers improve the logistics and quality in candies factories

Cajas de plastico verdes en palets rojos en el secadero de una fabrica de confituras

Preserves and candies mean almost the 5% in the Spanish food and drinks industry. Their most relevant products are: cocoa byproducts and chocolate, cookies, candies and gums, pastries, bakery and, finally, nougat and marzipan.

During the preserves and other candies making, products pass through different food processes in which are essential the following requirements:

  • Humidity adjustment and control
  • Hygienic storage and transport
  • Agile processes, especially in drying processes
Cajas de plastico reutilizables de color verde con naranjas cortadas para confitar

As far as the candy industry is concerned, TEPSA plastic crates own the advantages below:

  • They don’t absorb the humidity: therefore they help in the adjustment of this parameter throughout all the candies manufacturing process.
  • Crossed stacking: to be able to change the direction of crates on each layer when palletizing them makes pallets much more stable and allows a faster pace of work avoiding plastic wraps.
  • 50% nestability: this characteristic allows to save a lot of storage space when crates are empty.
  • Broad range: we can offer a huge variety of models compatible with each other, that means that crates of different measurements and heights can be combined on the same pallet. In addition, all our versions have compatible lids available  (smooth or perforated).
  • Resistance and durability: TEPSA is specialist in manufacturing reusable plastic crates for the food industry, we design and manufacture containers conceived to last.
  • Hygiene: High Density Polyethylene is an inert material. It is easy to clean and produces smooth surfaces, that makes it one of the most hygienic materials on the market, together with Teflon and acrylics.  
  • Saving: reusable containers replace hundreds of single-use containers, therefore they are the best middle-term alternative from an economic perspective. 
  • Personalisation: when manufacturing crates we follow your guidelines, we offer you different options, for example: if you want or don’t want your crates to have handles, smooth or perforated bases, print or engrave your logo (or a text) on them, and we can also produce in different colours.
  • Repurchase: TEPSA commits itself to repurchase its containers once the customer doesn’t need them anymore or wants to renew them. Our products always have value, they never become waste.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you want personalized advice to renew or increase your crates stock.