TEPSA fish boxes: leader in the fishing sector.

TEPSA fish boxes: leader in the fishing sector.

Since its creation in 1999, TEPSA has been specialised in the manufacturing plastic crates for the fishing sector.

These crates are suitable for food use, recyclable and reusable. The raw material used to manufacture them is High Density Polyethylene, the ideal material for transporting and storing fish, because it reduces the risk of bacterial proliferation. These crates have a long service life and allow for their re-use after they have been washed and disinfected, wich make TEPSA plastic crates the most cost effective and enviromentally friendly in the marketplace.

TEPSA is currently present in most of the fishing ports in the North of Spain and the French Atlantic coast, where it is the leader in implantation. Using TEPSA fish boxes guarantees Spanish and French ship owners the quick restocking of new clean crates, regardless of the port where the fish is unloaded.

TEPSA’s fish boxes success is based on its specialisation in the fishing sector and its policy of continuous improvement.

TEPSA focuses its production on the fishing sector, wich allows the company to adapt the manufacturing of crates to the demand, as well as improving or designing new models to adapt to the ships owners’ needs.

TEPSA also supplies plastic crates for clients in ports of other countries such as Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and Ireland. The customer portfolio abroad will continue to increase following the company’s recent years’ strategic objective.


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