Efficient technology at the service of Aquaculture

Range of products aimed at the aquaculture industry and marketed under the FLOTAR brand name, consisting of articulated floating pipes and bracket components, all of these manufactured in high density polyethylene (HDPE).

This system allows for the interconnection of the different parts, thus multiple types of floating structures can be constructed, such as mussel rafts, longlines, marina docks, fish cages…


Manufactured in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), material with a proved resistance to the sea’s effects

They resist the effect of sea water corrosion for many years.


They adapt easily to the movement of the sea.


Their assembly and manipulation is straightforward.


HDPE can be recycled for the manufacture of multiple products.

Quick and easy assembly

Assembly can be carried out by the aquaculture employee himself thanks to the simple connection of the pieces by means of a screw and nut.

They allow for the design and set-up of multiple structures


Safety at work

Thanks to their non-slip surfaces and handrails.

They do not need painting or special treatments

For example, antifouling treatments against marine organisms are unnecessary, for the plastic prevents their adhesion and makes cleaning easier.

They comply with the regulation in force

They have a lower visual impact

Their cost is highly competitive

Compared to other materials and structures currently in use.

Growing worldwide implantation

HDPE is a increasingly demanded material for the construction of floating components.