Storage and organization

Carro con cajas azules para carne

Dollies and pallets

Extensive range of plastic pallets, Euro and US sizes available.


“Eurobox” crates for robotic shelving in automated warehouses

Caja de plastico para botellas color crema

Plastic crates for bottles

Our crates for cider bottles offer stable stacking and effective product protection.


Nestable when empty and stackable when loaded

A stable column is guaranteed, even in the most extreme navigation or road transport conditions, due to their nestability between feet and seats.

Reusable, recoverable and recyclable

Designed according to the principles of the Packaging and Packaging Waste legislation, guaranteeing respect for the environment.

Compliance with the European Sanitary Regulation

Smooth and impermeable surfaces

Make it easier for them to be washed and disinfected.