Cutting edge production facilities

fish boxes in fish market

Leaders in the manufacture of HDPE reusable plastic crates

Soldadura de plastico en mar

Specialised in the fishing and aquaculture sectors

Domestic and international sales network

Corporate profile

TEPSA, Técnica de Envases Pesqueros, TEP, S.A., is a Galician company belonging to Grupo Plásticos Ferro, GPF, leader in the Iberian Peninsula and fifth in Europe in the manufacture of plastic pipes and fittings. GPF has an industrial surface area of 700.000 m2, with 8 manufacturing plants and 16 logistics centres in Spain and Morocco. Also with a holding in TEPSA is Puerto de Celeiro, S.A., a Group of ship-owners who operate the fishing port of Celeiro with a fleet of 100 boats (deep-sea, coastal and artisan) and approximately 1.000 crew members.

Leader in its sector

TEPSA began its activity in Muras (Lugo) in 1999, manufacturing reusable plastic products for the fishing industry with injection moulding technology. It is currently the leading company in this sector, with its products being the most implemented in the Spanish fishing sector.

In 2009, TEPSA launched a new range of products (FLOTAR) aimed at the aquaculture sector, and consisting of articulated floating pipes and bracket components allowing for the construction of multiple types of floating structures. (mussel rafts, longlines, fish cages, marina docks…)

In order to complete its product range, TEPSA has also developed a plastic carpentry division, making it possible to manufacture a series of made-to-measure auxiliary elements.


Specialisation in the fishing sector

Reduction of costs in the supply chain

Fast delivery

Competitive prices

Related companies and commercial names

Plásticos Ferro Group, GPF

Industrial group composed of a series of companies devoted to the different activities within the business of designing, manufacturing and distributing plastic products and systems.


Company belonging to Group Plásticos Ferro (GPF), with injection moulding and plastic welding technologies. Manufactures products aimed at the Fishing and Aquaculture sectors.


Reusable crate system for the Fishing industry manufactured with HDPE by TEPSA and aimed at promoting the use of crates from the boat directly to the store, thus preventing manupulation and repackaging as well as encouraging their re-use.


Range of TEPSA’s products manufactured with HDPE and aimed at the Aquaculture sector, consisting of articulated floating pipes and bracket components which allow for the construction of multiple types of floating structures: mussel rafts, longlines, fish cages, marina docks, etc.