Fruit & Vegetable

Plastic containers for fruit and vegetables

Fruit and Vegetable crates

Reusable plastic crates for the harvest and sale of fruit and vegetables. Food grade and freezing quality.

cajon de plastico gris para el esparrago

Harvest containers

Custom-made plastic containers for the harvest and sale of fruit and vegetables.

Palet de plastico 100x120 cm anidable basico


Plastic pallets for the agricultural sector manufactured with high quality materials.

Pink plastic flower bucket

Flower buckets

Plastic flower buckets developed for professionals plant growers


Nestable when empty and stackable when loaded

A stable column is guaranteed, even in the most extreme navigation or road transport conditions, due to their nestability between feet and seats.

Reusable, recoverable and recyclable

Designed according to the principles of the Packaging and Packaging Waste legislation, guaranteeing respect for the environment.

Compliance with the European Sanitary Regulation

Smooth and impermeable surfaces

Make it easier for them to be washed and disinfected.