Returnable plastic crates, the most environmentally friendly

Returnable plastic crates, the most environmentally friendly

8 reasons to use E2R returnable plastic crates

Every year, thousands of packaging waste are generated in Spain, many of which are of single-use crates origin, made out of carton or polystirene (EPS). As well as it being an unnecessary consumption of resources, they pose particular problems to the environment. The carbon footprint of returnable crates systems is 78% less compared to that of single use crates.

A growing number of companies are deciding to introduce transport systems with returnable plastic crates.

Depending on the peculiarities of each market, the purchase of crates can be more cost-effective, however a rental system is usually a better operating solution.

The 8 main advantages of implementing a system of returnable crates through renting are:

  1. FINANCIAL: The logistics process’ cost is more predictable, for the rental, whasing, transport and crates stock management are included in the price. The implementation cost is significantly less than that of purchasing the crates.
  2. ENVIRONMENTAL: It is a way of marketing fish with a smaller environmental impact. The reduction of packagin waste is one of the pillars of the Packaging and Packaging waste Spanish Legislation and The European Standards.
  3. ECONOMIC: E2R crates are nestable when empty, which reduces transport and storage costs. They allow for environmental and economic savings, for they require less energy and raw material consumption.
  4. CONSERVATION: E2R returnable plastic crates are designed to resist the most challenging conditions, their robustness protects the fish so that it arrives in the best conservation conditions to the market.
  5. PEACE OF MIND: Our clients can concentrate on their activity, without loosing time or resources in packaging and packaging waste.
  6. FLEXIBILITY: We have a vast range of plastic crates and pallets, as well as offering a system that provides maximun flexibility to adapt to our clients’ demand peaks.
  7. SANITARY: We have a washing system in many ports and central markets in order to guarantee that all our plastic crates are disinfected according to sanitary standards.
  8. CUSTOM-MADE SOLUTIONS: When our clients demand it, we provide custom-made solutions for their companies, taking into consideration their specific needs.

Circuito cajas de plastico retornables

TEPSA crates renting system, called E2R, provides a solution that simplifies the transport and marketing of fish with reusable plastic crates.

It also prevents the manipulation of the product, the generation of packaging waste and reduces logistic costs.

Choosing our system of returnable plastic crates, will guarantee you a professional service, adapted to your needs. If your company works with single-use crates, it will reduce your costs whith a returnable crates alternative.


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