Quality and Environment


Quality as a top priority objective

TEPSA has made large investments in order to be able to have the most up-to-date technology in injection-moulding and thus be able to offer high quality products at a competitive price.

The quality TEPSA offers with its products is based on its commitment to continuous improvement, both in its products and in the service offered to clients. With an integrated system for quality, environment and work-related accidents prevention, and with the support of the most modern laboratories, TEPSA guarantees a strict control on all the transformation processes, from the reception and control of raw materials to the finished product and customer delivery and collection.


Investing in the environment

TEPSA products comply with the European Sanitary Legislation and with the Packaging and Packaging Waste Legislation, ensuring in their manufacturing process the fulfillment of a protocol that respects the environment and the recycling of waste material.

Committed to the environment and to protecting the setting in which it operates, TEPSA recovers the crates it manufactures from the market and, once they have undergone a strict process of washing and disinfection, they are once again reintroduced into the circuit.


In the case that any of the recovered crates are broken or deteriorated, TEPSA recycles them and, with the material obtained, it manufactures different by-products for the GPF Group.