The “Bonito del Norte” (albacore or white tuna) 2015 is set to begin

The “Bonito del Norte” (albacore or white tuna) 2015 is set to begin

Ship owners are preparing for the new “albacore campaign” by acquiring TEPSA plastic crates and ship hold boards

Albacore is a species related to tuna that can grow up to 1,5 metres long and 60 kg. It is caught in the Cantabrian Sea from the end of spring up to september.

During the albacore campaign, boats from over Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country and France take part. For its capture, traditional fishing methods are used, such as the trolling and live-bait fishing, both using pole-and-line gear, so they are caught one by one. These types of methods are highly selective, for no other species are caught and they allow for selecting the best specimens, they are therefore also very efficient in terms of sustainability.

In order to maintain the albacore in perfect conditions until they arrive at the fish exchange or harbour, boats have their own refrigerated holds with made to measure shelves

White tuna in refrigerated ship hold

Another option is introducing the fish in large sized plastic crates

White tuna in plastic crates

TEPSA’s ship hold boards offer optimum properties for the conservation of northern albacore on board. They are manufactured with high density polyethylene, they are suitable for food use, they do not have any edges so they do not mark the fish, they can be easily washed and they do not absorb humidity, thus weighing less than wooden equivalents and requiring less energy for cooling the ship hold.

Ship hold plastic shelves

The new 45 and 60 litre plastic crate models also allow for quick and safe storing of albacore in “lounge” type holds. These are two types of crate models with outside dimensions of 80×45 cm. and they can hold between 30 and 40 kg. of fish.

Caja de plástico grande, 60 litros.cajas_criee45








The TEPSA team is available for advising ship owners on the available transport and storage solutions of this very much appreciated product. If you wish to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.