Reusable shellfish crates

Reusable shellfish crates
Cestas para marisco en el agua

New family of products in 2020: reusable crates for shellfish, snails and other animals.

Our plastic crates with lid allow to work really fast when collecting, storing and transporting a wide variety of animals

Their most common usage is the shellfish transport and depuration, for example, clams, cockles, winkles, oysters and other land and marine mollusc and crustacean species.

Cesto con tapa para crustaceos
Crabs in shellfish crates

This crates with lids are also widely used in the heliculture or snail farming sector for the farming, transport, drying and storage of alive snails.

TEPSA shellfish crates advantages:

  • Improved design thinking both in giving better resistance to the crate and in improving the comfort of the animals.
  • Highly ventilated walls which ensure the air flow in the drying rooms (snails) or the water flow in the depuration and shipping centers (shellfish farms).
  • Lid with a pressure lock system which fastens it to the crate and with stacking seats on its top part to improve the stacking.
  • Improved logistics in the shipping centers that send them to the stores and department stores: we have available models which are compatible in between them and with other reusable plastic crates such as our 60x40cm fish crate. In addition, they are nestable when empty and this allows the return of this crates once the product has been removed to be really economical. 
  • Zero waste: being reusable and recyclable they encourage the circular economy.
  • Saving: they prevent from using single-use packaging as mesh or raffia sacks.
  • Food safety certification and suitable for freezing.
  • Sanitary Registration: 39.02805/LU.

9kg y 3 kg crates compatible when stacking

The 9 kg and 3kg crates design allow a mixed stacking, being much easier to organise the shipments to clients in more stable towers and taking more advantage of the space.

3 kg capacity shellfish crates

Dimensions: 30x20x13 cm
Units per pallet: 2.400 crates
Units per trailer: 48.000 crates

9 kg capacity shellfish crates

cesto para marisco de 9kg
Dimensions: 40x30x21 cm
Units per pallet: 512 crates
Units per trailer: 16.896 crates

3 and 9 kg crates mixed stacking

cajas para caracoles con tapa

4.5 y 4.5 kg capacity crates compatible with the 60×40 cm fish crates

2.5 kg shellfish crate

cesto para marisco 2.5kg
Dimensions: 40x30x8 cm
Units per pallet: 400 crates
Units per trailer: 13.200 crates

4.5 kg shellfish crates

Caja para caracoles
Dimensions: 40x30x12 cm
Units per pallet: 280 crates
Units per trailer: 9.240 crates
Cestos de marisco apilados sobre caja de pescado
2.5 kg shellfish crates stacked on a fish crate

Our new 2.5 y 4.5 kg capacity crates can be stacked directly on the 60×40 cm fish crate both in its smooth and perforated version. This makes shipment to store much easier, gives stability to the cargo and allows better use of the space when transporting them .

2, 5 y 6 kg capacity shellfish crates

This type of crates is designed for a better classification of the store order. Thanks to its different versions they allow each client to receive the product prepared in the sales units.

2 kg shellfish crates

cesto de marisco pequeño con tapa
Dimensions: 22x22x9 cm
Units per pallet: 2.000 crates
Units per trailer: 40.000 crates

5 kg shellfish crate

cesto para caracoles
Simensions: 36x25x13 cm
Units per pallet: 2.400 crates
Units per trailer: 48.000 crates

6 kg shellfish crates

Cesto para concha
Dimensions: 36x25x16 cm
Units per pallet: 2.400 crates
Units per trailer: 48.000 crates

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