New farming lanterns for pregrowing and growing

New farming lanterns for pregrowing and growing

New lantern nets for pre-growing and growing of bivalve mollusc

The new lanterns destined for the aquaculture sector have been developed for the pre-growing and growing of clams, oyster and pectinidae. Manufactured with high quality material and with a robust design they are safest and most durable option for aquaculture producers.

You can place as many plates as you wish per lantern and once formed they can easily be suspended in the mussel platform ladder, thus allowing for the optimum use of the water column.

Three mesh types are available, 2 mm mesh size, 6-7 mm mesh size and 9-10 mm mesh size, but any other mesh density can be considered.

As a unique feature for this pre-growing plate model they include a disk in the inferior part which can be customised with a chosen colour, according to customer requirements. This makes distinguishing each producer’s lanterns easier or even a producer’s different batches, facilitating their identification.